Final Fall Garden Harvest and Clean-up Day – Thank you for helping to keep our neighbourhood sustainable.

Carrots were harvested at the Fall Garden Clean-up on October 22, 2016.

Fall Garden Clean-up on October 22, 2016.


The carrots were planted in August 2016. The soil temperature is above 5 degrees and the cool weather crops are still producing food.


The garden is ringed with amazing plane trees. The trees have started to change colour.


The leaves were raked off of the lawn and moved onto the strawberry beds.


Garden stakes were removed and stored inside for the winter.


The coffee grounds from the local coffee shop were spread underneath the apple tree. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and carbon. The used coffee grounds make excellent mulch. The used coffee grounds help to protect the soil from the winter rains.


Get ready for the end of the gardening season by participating in the big garden clean-up!

IMG_6625Please join us on Saturday September 17, 2016 for the first garden clean-up and winterizing session.

  • The gardening equipment will be cleaned and stored for the winter.
  • Garden hoses will be cleaned, coiled and stored.
  • Plant stakes will be pulled, cleaned and bundled for storage.

The clean-up will take at the Children’s Garden starting at 11:00 am.


A great year for growing plums – thanks to all the folks who help in the garden.


The single plum tree in the garden has produced over 100 lbs of fruit this year. It has been a great year for growing plums.


The produce sale takes place on Saturday mornings beside the garden. The sales volunteers staff the sales table. Thanks.


The soil in the planter boxes was prepared for the fall greens.


The children were impressed with the amount of water it takes to wet the soil for planting.


Many hands do make light work. Thank you to the local neighbours who dropped into the sale and helped with the work.


Picking the plums for the sale is an important job to prepare for the Saturday sale.



Volunteers at the Barn Raising helped to prepare the sales table for the weekly produce sale. Thanks guys!


Plum picking at the top of the tree is possible with the ladder. It is very exciting to harvest food that one has helped to grow. Thank-you volunteers!

Learn how to plant seedlings for a fall crop at the Children’s Garden

The cutting lettuce, green and red, as well as the kohlrabi and long harvest broccoli seedlings are big enough to be planted in the garden.  Join us Saturday morning for free drop-in garden activities.


The red-deer tongue lettuce is heat tolerant. Most lettuce will not tolerate high temperatures. When the hot summer weather starts most lettuce plants will go to seed and become bitter.


The Baby leaf kale has a more tender texture and is mild and sweeter than traditional Siberian Kale. The seedlings are ready for planting.


Kohlrabi has a mild sweet taste. Kohlrabi takes 60 – 65 days to mature. It will be ready to harvest in mid-October. Kohlrabi does well in cool weather.


Mid-season plantings continue in preparation for a fall crop.

Year round gardening is possible at the UNA Children’s Garden.  Preparations have begun for the fall harvest.


After the potatoes were harvested the soil was levelled, fertilized and allowed to rest before being planted.


Vegetables grow best when they receive a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight. The vegetable receives some shade because of the large oak trees.


Brussel sprouts and cucumber seedlings were planted.


To protect the seedlings from slugs the seeds are not directly sown into the soil. The seeds are planted in pots and transplanted into the garden.


Preparations were made to start the seeds in small pots.


Kohlrabi, radishes and lettuce make good mid-season plants for a late summer harvest.

The rain barrels have been installed in the Children’s Garden.

IMG_8227One of the purposes of the UNA Children’s Garden is to promote and teach responsible and sustainable practices around water use.  The UNA has provided funding for the purchase and installation of 2 rain barrels for the Children’s Garden.  Rain barrels promote wise water use by allowing water to be stored in the raining months and used in the drier months.climate

Vancouver has abundant rainfall in the winter months.  The driest months are July and August.

Our biggest produce sale of the summer – three varieties of potatoes!


Three types of potatoes were dug and sold.


The potatoes are sorted and washed before being sold.


Community residents and visiting relatives worked together to harvest the potatoes.


The garden is organic. Some of the produce will have marks and scabs caused by garden insects. The children clean the produce with lots of water.


The children work to clean the produce.


Red, purple and white potatoes were grown this season.


The potatoes were sorted by colour and size.


The small and broken potatoes did not make it onto the sales table.


The garden is run by volunteers. No experience is necessary to participate in the Saturday garden workshops.


The unsold produce was shared by the volunteers.


The plums are starting to ripen. The small, poorly attached fruit falls onto the ground. This is referred to as “summer drop”.


The plums are starting to ripen. Not all of the plums will ripen. Some of the fruit will drop off before it is ripe.


Thank you to the many garden volunteers who work hard to make the Saturday sales a success.